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Painted Skies, acrylic on canvas (framed)


Painted Skies, acrylic on canvas (framed)


Ready to hang, includes beautiful wood float framed.  Sales price includes complimentary US shipping. Please inquire about shipping rates for international orders.

14" x 18" (painting dimension) 

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Inspired by a sunrise over the mountains in Santa Fe, NM. Such a stunning and soulful experience to witness the sunrise and sunsets in NM. Truly amazing to witness, and one that I will never tire of seeing. 

"A sunset will color your dreams. 
And a sunrise will color your smile. 
It's all God asks." --Anthony T. Hincks

If this painting is perfect for your home, but maybe the size is not right remember canvas prints can be ordered for all my paintings in the size needed.  Just contact me with any questions or visit my Fine Art America shop by clicking the link below. 

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