Mary Mirabal Art

"painting the colors of my soul"

Mary Mirabal Art features the abstract artwork of Tampa, FL based artist, Mary Mirabal.


Femme Visuale: Mary Mirabal | 2/7/18

Walking into Mary Mirabal’s home is like entering a strange portal right into an earthy abode in the Southwest. Enveloped in warm tones, I scan her shelves filled with Native American pottery and fetish charms. It’s really no wonder that her painting color palettes are influenced by this mesmerizing geographical landscape.

abstract art

It’s Never Too Late to Become An Artist | 1/26/18

The Healing Power of Arts & Artists Featured artist Mary Mirabal is an artist who transformed her life when she began painting after spending 30 years in Corporate America.

Mary Mirabal

Artsy Shark Featured Artist | 12/28/17

Featured artist Mary Mirabal captures the bold and colorful landscape of New Mexico in her abstract work. 

 Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice

Arts Business Institute | Artist Profile: Mary Mirabal | 1/20/17 by ABI

Florida based painter Mary Mirabal shares her inspiration, and how she has grown her creative business. I found myself in my mid 50’s and no longer working in the corporate world I’d known for 30 years. 

 Rialto Theatre

Rialto Theatre

8-Count Productions | Featured Artist: Mary Mirabal’s “Life in Abstraction” | 1/27/17 

Solo show at the historic Rialto Theatre, Tampa, FL

Mary Mirabal started out climbing the rungs of the corporate ladder, but by her mid 50’s she realized she was done and wanted to pursue one of her life’s passions: painting.  Having been an avid collector for years, she felt that “a creative hole had been filled” once she started focusing on her paintings. 


Alive TampaBay | The Colors of Mary Mirabal's Soul | 8/3/2016 by Krista Lyons

Mary Mirabal didn’t start painting when she was three years old. She didn’t throw paint on a canvas in a fit of rage during her teen years. Nor did she “paint herself” through art school at 22. Mary Mirabal’s story is even more inspiring than that, because her story teaches us that your talent may just be hiding inside of you, lying dormant until the right time.

That Business Show With Jamie Meloni | It's All About Art On TBSJM! Radio interview 7/14/16

Studio 10 Live Television Spot | air date 8/2/16

Artsy Shark | Step Into My Studio | 11/12/15 article

Alive TampaBay | Opening Reception Friday in Tampa for Artist Mary Mirabal’s Solo Show | 1/25/17 article

WEDU ArtsPlus episode 513 featuring Mary Mirabal | air date 4/28/16

Bubble Art with artist Mary Mirabal as seen on WFLA's Gayle Guyardo's "As Seen on Pinterest" segment air date 7/6/16

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