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Adorable Daisy Gifts for Infants and Children

"Four Daisies" is a new painting this week, and one that is perfect for adorning infant, children and ladies tees.   Attending a baby shower soon?  You could put together the perfect gift of a matching onesie, bib, burp cloth and pacifier.  Oh, and a lovely matching tee for mom as well.  Did you know daisies are traditionally given to mothers upon the birth of a child?

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"Four Daisies"   8" x 8" acrylic impasto on gallery wrapped canvans

"Four Daisies"   8" x 8" acrylic impasto on gallery wrapped canvans

Native American wisdom recognized the daisy as a sun symbol by observing the bright yellow center with radiating white petals resembling the rays of the sun. 

And then of course there's love.  "He loves me, he loves me not." Who among us hasn't plucked the petals of a daisy saying those words with each tug? Each of us hoping the last petal reveals: Yes! he loves me! I certainly did as a child, and there's our primary theme of the symbolic meaning of daisy - childhood, innocence, purity.  

I hope these tidbits about the symbolic meaning of daisy offers you a new perspective on this delightful little flower.  

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Thank you so much for visiting with me friends.  You're always welcome here and please feel free to invite your friends to come along next time.   Wishing you a wonderful weekend.  Go out and treat yourself to a bouquet of daisies.  Blessings, 

There is a flower, a little flower With silver crest and golden eye, That welcomes every changing hour, And weathers every sky.
— James Montgomery

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