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Autumn Is In The Air

Autumn Is In The Air

Autumn's Splendor, acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

Autumn's Splendor, acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

My favorite time of year is fast approaching, at least according the the calendar.  Fall officially arrives on September 22; however, for those of us in Florida we have to make our own type of fall as our temps won't stop dropping until December or January if we're lucky.  And, to enjoy the fall foliage we travel up north or drool over the many photos on Pinterest and other websites.  

I grew up in southern Maryland and go through withdrawals this time every year.  It doesn't matter that I've lived in Florida for 41 years.  Once the fall season is in your blood you never outgrow it.  

One of the ways I get into the fall spirit is to paint.  "Autumn Splendor" is just one of several fall themed paintings in my studio.  This painting symbolizes all the wonderful beauty of the season: The cool, crisp air and the vibrantly colored leaves.  

Last week was an exciting week for me with my first SOLO SHOW!!!  It was held at a quaint, cafe called The Bunker in Ybor City (historic part of Tampa).  So many of my friends were there I was overjoyed.  And, I sold three paintings that night.  Here's a few photos from the evening.


I'm now looking forward to preparing for my next solo show in January 2017.  It will be a larger show so I'll need to get painting.  In the meantime, I'll have a small pop up shop at Pottery Barn, Hyde Park Tampa on October 22.  Stay tuned for more info as the date gets closer.

Thanks so much for all your warm wishes and heart felt support friends. Please do share my website with your art loving friends.  

Wishing you all a beautiful and blessed Autumn season.  Blessings, Mary

When autumn dulls the summer skies,
And paler sunshine softly lies
Upon the brown and fallow lands:—
As fairy artists come in bands
To paint with brushes dipped with frost:—
They pay with gold, for verdure lost...
— V.O. Wallingford (b.1876), "The Cottonwood Trees"



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