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Mary Mirabal Art features the abstract artwork of Tampa, FL based award winning artist, Mary Mirabal.

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Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Heart

Many of you know I only began painting less than three years ago.  The more I share my art the more I'm asked "how" did I get started painting and more importantly "why"?  I'll answer the why question first.  My husband and I are lifetime art lovers, especially of Native American art.  I could do another blog just on that subject. But my love of art also extends to paintings and the talented artists who create them.   

For all of my adult life I was a wife, mother, career minded professional who never thought my two hands were capable of anything other than creating a loving home for my family and juggling a professional life. It wasn't until I was downsized from corporate America that I struggled to find myself.  I no longer had a career to define me. My children were grown and successful in their own careers. I knew starting over in a new job at this stage in my life was not what I wanted.  I wanted more ....something that would make my soul happy.  That's the answer to the "WHY" question. I needed something that would fill my heart and soul with joy. 

Reflections of the Soul, acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

Reflections of the Soul, acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

Being idle isn't in my blood. I had to decide on a new path going forward. Having the luxury of time helped me truly look inside to realize what made me happy.  I'd been holding a little secret in my heart each time I enjoyed viewing a painting.  There was a little voice telling me "you can do this".  I kept pushing this voice down because surely this couldn't be true....I couldn't even draw a straight line.  So, the "HOW" question was answered by acknowledging that inner voice and making the decision to trust what it was saying.  I asked Santa for a paint set that Christmas and looked at it for several months before gathering the courage to actually put paint to canvas. It was then I realized what a beautiful gift I had been given. 

Discovering this passion has been a blessing.  Not only have I found my artistic style, but I've met so many wonderful, giving artist friends and mentors along the way.  I'm continuing to grow as an artist and push new boundaries for my art.  Last month I began teaching an abstract painting class at Old Hyde Park Art Center.  All part of expanding my wings and getting outside my comfort zone.  In this short new career I am extremely fortunate to be represented by Woodfield Fine Art in St. Petersburg, FL and Clayton Gray Home in Tampa.  Thank you Jim and Wendy for believing in me.

Shadow Dance, acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

Shadow Dance, acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

It is my hope my art will bring beauty and joy to our world.  And, to also be a reminder that it's NEVER to late to follow your heart. I was 55 when I began painting.  Every day I spend in my small studio is a true blessing and a way to allow my soul to sing. 

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement friends.  It means the world to me. For those collectors of my art, please know a little piece of my soul is part of each painting.  I paint the colors of my soul.

Blessings my friends, your artist Mary

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life,
— Confucius








November Steal of the Month

This is the second month of the "Steal of  the Month".  This month I'm pleased to offer "Hollyhocks and Blue Window".  This painting was completed last fall following a visit to the beautiful Santa Fe area. Hollyhocks are one of my favorite flowers to paint, and the Canyon Road area of Santa Fe abounds with them throughout the summer. 

I'd love to see this sweet painting find a loving home, and it can be yours friends.   

Congratulations to Marilyn F. for being the winner of the October "Steal of the Month", a two piece painting entitled "Mary's Garden". 

Hollyhocks and Blue Door

Make an offer for this original painting for November 2015.

Opening Offer must be $20.00.   (Original retail value $99.)  The current offer will be displayed above the photo.  Please be sure to check the current offer amount before making your offer.

4" x 12" acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas.  Ready to hang. This painting was inspired by the beautiful  hollyhocks growing along Canyon Road in Santa Fe, NM.   

You may increase your offer any time during the month. USA shipping will be $5.50.  Send offers to or complete the form below.  The last bid must be in by 7 pm EST November 30.  Please let me know if you have any questions on this monthly deal.  

 I will post the new offers on this page each month. This is a wonderful way to get an original painting for far less than its retail value. Best Wishes!

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Thank you so much for your continued support friends.  As always, I love to read and respond to your comments.  Please feel free to comment here or via email.  

Blessings, Mary

My favourite flower, if you’ll pardon,
 Is standing stately in my garden,
  And it’s so tall it must have props.
  They lend support to hollyhocks.

They’re tall, graceful and so proud.
The wind’s blown one; it’s sadly bowed.
  They come in lovely pastel shades;
  It’s unfortunate that they ever fade.

Before you cut them down, you’ll find
So many seeds are left behind,
  And if you plant them, they will grow.
  Next year you’ll have another show.
— Josie Whitehead

Specializing in abstract painting

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